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The Project

Gregory Wallsten, from Boca Raton, Florida, USA started Sigurd Wallsten as a memorial to his Grandfather who immigrated to the USA from Sweden in the early 1900s.  Sigurd Wallsten was a violin player and a bright inspiration to his family.

Our history

Sigurd Wallsten music is hard rock instrumental guitar with driving rhythms, melodic riffs and energizing leads. Two albums have been released through Tune Core. The first release, "Roman Battle" entered the digital world last February (2016) and the second project "Volcano Burst" was released in October, 2016.  


Based in El Paso, Texas, is close to releasing the third album, "Valley of Decision" which is scheduled to be released in 2018.  


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Sigurd Wallsten Logo

The Sigurd Wallsten Logo embodies a philosophy that I follow daily.  The reverse guitar head-stock was selected to represent my primary guitar for most of my writing and recording.  The red and blue colors derive from the Volcano Burst album and the wreath represents a commitment to excellence.  

Logo Graphic Design

Based on my artwork concept, ALL4Band produced the final version of the Sigurd Wallsten Logo.  They are a great company, very affordable, fast and definitely great work.

Valley of Decision Update

The latest album "Valley of Decision" is on track for release in early August.  The release date has changed a few times due to this projects production being completed through a new DAW- REASON 9.5   I expect the final version to be the best Sigurd Wallsten work to date.

All Sigurd Wallsten Music

All Sigurd Wallsten music will be distributed through TuneCore.  Available on ITunes.

Sigurd Wallsten on Sound Cloud and Reverb Nation

Selected songs are posted on Sound Cloud, Reverb Nation and Bandcamp.  All SW songs are on YouTube, Spotify and 30 other sites and music services.